Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Building Brand Loyalty Beyond Earn and Burn

In the present era, one cannot go by a day of shopping without hearing, can I have your membership number or loyalty card number at almost every transaction. While most of the brands are in a rush to get their loyalty program in place and attract the customer base, it is important is to understand whether the program is paving way to increase the loyalty quotient among the customers or is it just creating an earn and burn process, killing the very purpose of a having a loyalty program.

In the vital space between a brand’s vision of a loyalty program and the successful implementation lies the role of the vendor or solution provider. The most successful loyalty programs across various industries achieved that sweet spot by choosing an agency/manpower who can blend into the brand’s DNA and vision for the loyalty program.

Choosing a vendor/solution provider who can not only spend your CLP budget intelligently but also have a mechanics to facilitate gamification of the loyalty program. We are talking about a platform that can interact with all the customer touch points and create a seamless experience while transacting across various channels, identify the moments of misery in the journey and convert them into moments of magic and re-verify the same. To create this ecosystem, a brand must choose a vendor who has multiple tools to track the customer journey and automate the process of rectification of errors. The system must communicate with the customer at every touch point seamlessly and present the staff with a 360-degree view of the customer to the brand at a single view.

It is understood that the loyalty programs are richly loaded with customer data -from customer engagement touch-points to transactions to feedback to grievances. What is to be cautiously monitored is that,whether these dots connected? Mere technology providers cannot achieve the long-term goal of the loyalty program but can only mechanise the process without the personalized touch to the end customer.

While CLP (customer loyalty program) has become omnipresent and stereo-typed, brands ought to design and execute a program that would intelligently utilise the customer data. To create an effective customer engagement and cultivate the brand loyalty by bringing in surprise elements(WoW factor) into the journey of customer experience.

A successful loyalty program is always a combination of tangible gratitude (cashbacks, spot discounts, instant vouchers) to bring a smile while accruing their points and a delayed gratitude to create a TOMA in the customer and bring them back to the store.

No one speaks about the brand better than its customer. Motivate your existing customers beyond point redemptions and movement up the tier structure. Let them share their experiences, ensure a customer referral module/feature is blended into the program to motivate your real brand ambassadors to help you increase the fan base.

Finally, the key to stand out in the cluttered space of loyalty programs is relevant offer to the right customer at the right time.

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Easyrewardz, with 8+ years of industry expertise, works towards bridging the gap between offline and online customer loyalty and rewards systems with its omni-channel cloud-based solutions. Easyrewardz set up its India operations in 2011. Today, Easyrewardz entities in India and the Middle East have over 150+ employees, engaged in research and development, sales and marketing, customer service and support through its loyalty and rewards CRM stack.

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