Friday, July 19, 2019

Beat the Holiday Rush - Strategies for Getting Ahead

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Holidays are generally the best period for retailers, with long queue of customers waiting to spend lavishly. Festivities bring out the desire for luxury and all of us go overboard in trying to treat ourselves like royalty.

In the recent years, trends have shown that digital medium is one of the most preferred form of communication. It has also emerged as one of the top trends for retailers to engage and interact with their customers.

Retailers must be prepared for the sudden surge in customers during the holiday season. A detailed strategy must be prepared in advance to keep the customer satisfaction high.

1. Keep the early birds in mind

It is very important for retailers to identify the prospective customers during the early shopping stages - to identify the brands they are researching and the products they are looking for. This also opens the way for reaching out to customers who are yet to get in the shopping arena.
It is also important to reward the early birds as this will lead to word of mouth advertising from them and ensure that they return every holiday season.

2. Holiday wishes emailers

Holiday greeting mailers aim at building a personalized bond with the customer instead of pushing the product. Though these mailers are not big sales puller, but they can still give a boost to the marketing campaign.
When a brand wishes the customer adding a personalized touch, for example "from our family to yours" it helps the customer feel a connection with the brand.

3. Get the customers to stick with your brand

Holiday season often leads to buyers buying stuff they generally don't need or have on their wish-list - with multiple competitors lurking around to lure them. It is important that the brand engages the customers on a personal level and try to reward them as an effort to build loyalty.
Email and social media marketing are an essential tool to attract customers and running re-marketing campaigns to follow up is good way to keep them coming back to your brand.

4. Collect Customer Data and Feedback

With sales at record high, holiday season is the best time to collect and update customer data. Using creative ways to collect data including names, contact details, emails, etc.
Offering personalized goodies or discounts to capture personalized data encourages customers to share valuable data and feedback. This will also allow you to stay updated with the latest trends and customer behaviour.

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