Thursday, May 7, 2020

Codeless Platforms Launches the All New Powerful BPA Platform 2020

Enhanced functionality, aesthetically appealing new interface and a great toolset are some of the key highlights of this release.

Codeless Platforms has released it’s BPA Platform 2020, which is the latest version of its integration and business automation platform. It has a new installation console, a new interface, and an updated powerful toolset. The highlight of this release is the HTML Pro Tool which now supports HTML 5 and CSS 3 styling to make amazing data-driven dashboards, webpages & emails. Further, it has Retrieve Text Message Tool that captures and processes data contained within SMS messages and triggers more sophisticated business processes.

Some important tool updates comprised in the new release are:

  • New Retrieve Text Message Tool – the ability to receive inbound SMS communications, that can then be consumed within a BPA Platform task.
  • Updated Send Text Message Tool – create connections for multiple ToucanText accounts to manage all SMS requirements.
  • Updated Send Email Tool – can be configured to multiple email servers.
  • Updated OLEDB and ODBC Database Query Tools – added support for dynamic connections and the ability to query multiple databases all within one task.
  • Updated Event Log – new ‘audit’ types to aid product management and traceability.

BPA Platform 2020 now supports Windows Server 2019 and provides output support for Microsoft Office 2019. This added output support provides the ability to export the Run as Word (Merge) tool, Save File, Run Microsoft Reporting Services and Run Crystal Reports outputs, in Microsoft office 2019 formats.

This milestone release has more than 200 feature enhancements together with the new API.
The full comparison list of supported tools and connectors by versions of BPA, Platforms can be found here.